Miles Cook
August 1, 2007

Recently, we showed the process for installing a dashpad in a '65 or '66 Mustang. This time, we're switching to the larger pads used in the ever-popular '69 and '70 Mustangs. Original pads and old replacements commonly crack in the radio-speaker area, making for an unsightly appearance.

Although a more expensive investment (around $300-$400 in most cases) at Mustang parts houses, they're easier to replace than the early '65-'66 counterparts. Mustang Country International-where we went for expert interior-installation experience-was no exception to the rule.

We were in and out of Mustang Country's shop in about two hours for the work on Bill Downing's super-clean, 351 Cleveland-powered '70 Mach 1. The replacement is a simple job, removing about 25 screws, a few trim pieces, and reinstalling the new pad.

Bill's '70 is a factory A/C car, so we'll also look at removing the original A/C vents and reinstalling them in the new pad-also a minor task.

Though it's easy enough for most enthusiasts, this job makes a big difference in these cars. Since the pad is so large, it's a major focal point in '69-'70 interiors.

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