Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 23, 2007
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives

Fancy Sill Plates
Now you can light up your inner world with illuminated sill plates from Scott Drake Mustang Parts. Available for '65-'68 Mustangs, the plates feature a custom horse logo that illuminates in red when the doors are open. To complement the glow, they're made from 304 stainless steel, as opposed to the lightweight aluminum of the originals, with a bright polished finish. Easy to install, the sill plates also include brushed GT-type stripes. They're available wherever Scott Drake products are sold.

Safety Times Three
Comfort and convenience are at the top of the list when adding modern mods to a Mustang interior, but safety should also be considered. After all, older Mustangs don't have airbags, padded steering wheels, or many of the other safety features found on newer cars. Lap belts became standard equipment on Mustangs in '66, followed by difficult-to-use shoulder harnesses in '68. Thanks to Custom Accessories, you can add retractable three-point seatbelts, front and rear, to vintage Mustangs. Available in more than a dozen popular colors to match nearly every Mustang interior, they meet all U.S. Federal safety standards for replacement belts. Installation utilizes factory seatbelt mounting points, along with new mounting points for the retractors.


Two-Tone Panels
TMI keeps the restomod products coming for vintage Mustangs. With two-tone standard door panels, it's easy to make an interior statement in '65-'69 Mustangs without the expense of custom upholstery. Designed to replicate the original equipment door panels, the new versions offer the look of a deluxe interior upgrade for about the same price as regular ones. Authentic colors are used for easy matching to original interior colors. Two versions are offered, one with a full inner section or another with a smaller upper strip only.

Rally Buckets
Few modifications make a bigger difference in a Mustang interior than a pair of racing-style bucket seats. Among the most popular for vintage Mustangs are the Scat ProCar Rally versions from Mustangs Plus. They look sportier than factory seats, and with pronounced shoulder and thigh bolsters, they keep you planted during hard cornering. High-density foam over a tubular steel frame maintains the seat shape and provides maximum comfort. Adaptors for installation are included.

Mustang Mini-Tach
Here's a neat way to add a tachometer to a '67-'68 Mustang without strapping a Monster tach to the steering column or going through the hassle of changing out the wiring harness for a hard-to-find factory tach. Australia's Retrogauge offers a Mini-Tach that fits in the '67-'68 Mustang's center instrument panel opening in place of the crosshair blank or clock. With the original-style Mustang typeface and red needle on a black background, the tach looks as though it came from the factory. Available in 0-6,000 and 0-8,000 versions, it's available from Mustangs, Etc. for $79, plus shipping from Australia.