Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 23, 2007
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives

In 1965, the Mustang's interior was considered well equipped. Standard equipment included gauges, a sporty three-spoke steering wheel, and carpet in a time when many cars had nothing more than a rubber mat. Options included a console, an AM/FM radio, and an Interior Dcor Group that added plusher seats, sportier door panels, and a woodgrain instrument bezel and glovebox door. Later Mustangs got high-back bucket seats and nicer radios, even power windows for '71-'73.

But that was then and this is now. Compared to today's modern new cars, vintage Mustang interiors are relatively spartan. Thanks to the current restomod aftermarket, there's plenty of upgrading that can be done on early Mustangs, from power windows and modern stereos to carbon-fiber seat materials.

Classy Consoles
To complement '65-'73 Mustang interiors, TMI Products has created a new line of drop-in consoles. Designed to sit on the transmission hump between the bucket seats, the consoles provide an elbow rest, additional storage, and a pair of cup holders. Similar to the rest of the company's product line, the consoles are made with authentic factory colors and fabrics to ensure they match the rest of the interior.

Sport Seats
TMI Products has taken the lead when it comes to vintage Mustang seats, upholstery, and door panels. Not only does the company offer quality reproduction products for concours-type restorations, but it has also developed a number of restomod items, including the popular Sport Seat upholstery, foam, and headrests for '65-'67 Mustangs. Designed to look similar to the original seats, the TMI Sport Seat conversion provides a racier appearance and more support with larger bolsters on the seat bottoms and backs. "These seats bring classic styling with modern performance to the restoration market," says TMI Sales and Marketing Manager Dean Satterfield. Sold in packaged sets, the Sport Seat upholstery is available in a broad selection of cover materials and designs that make it easy to recreate the original Mustang look or custom design a unique interior.

Totally Digital
Upgrading from vintage dial gauges to modern and more accurate digital gauges is easy these days with the fully outfitted Mustang gauge bezels from Dakota Digital. Available for '65-'73 Mustangs, the Dakota Digital instruments come with new factory bezels equipped with blue or teal digital read-out gauges. The '65-'66 gauge packages utilize a speedometer and tachometer in the center pod with fuel, volt, water temperature, and oil pressure gauges. Bezels are available in black camera-case or woodgrain finishes for standard and GT applications. The '67-'68 packages, available in camera-case or deluxe (brushed aluminum in '67 and woodgrain in '68), have a separate speedo and tach with water temperature, volt, and oil pressure gauges. For '69-'70, the speedo and tach are separate; the outside gauges are doubled up with fuel/volt and oil pressure/water temp gauges. The three-pod '71-'73 panel incorporates oil pressure and water temperature with the tach in the left pod; fuel and volts are in the speedometer on the right. The small center pod houses a clock. Dakota Digital instrument clusters are available from most Mustang parts vendors.