Jim Smart
February 28, 2007

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Although people tend to have mixed feelings about a global economy, it has brought a lot of exciting products from around the world. A case in point is the Mini-Tach from Retrogauge of Australia. Australians love classic Mustangs, thus inspiring a wealth of terrific products from Down Under.

Retrogauge's '67-'68 Mustang Mini-Tach's typeface and style make it look factory original. Made with extraordinary quality, it requires no cutting or modification to install. The only thing to be done is remove the crosshair blank or clock and drop it in. After that, plug it into 12 volts of ignition-switched power and a signal from the ignition coil.

Available in 0-6,000 and 0-8,000 rpm versions, the Mini-Tach is available for a checkbook-grabbing $79, plus shipping from West Australia.