Miles Cook
September 12, 2007

Step By Step

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Mump_0612_01z 1966_ford_mustang Dash
Installed and ready to go in our '66 convertible subject car, a new dashpad is a nice upgrade for any vintage Mustang. The pads are quite different for '65-'66, '67-'68, '69-'70, and '71-'73 Mustangs, so installation procedures vary. This time we're concentrating on the earliest generation.
Mump_0612_02z 1966_ford_mustang Trim
Mustang Country carries a full selection of pads for all '65-'73 Mustangs. A black '66 pad is one of the more popular year/color combinations, so we were ready to begin installation upon arrival.

The dashpad in a vintage Mustang is a rather high-profile interior component that's often one of the first pieces requiring replacement. Constant exposure to the hot sun is the main reason, and the result is usually cracks and/or surface warp.

The latter happened to the pad in Debbie Starr's '66 convertible, likely due to the fact that the car was her only means of getting to and from her job as an elementary school teacher for more than five years. Driving the car daily meant it sat in the school parking lot every day under the hot sun. In fact, on hot days, you could easily fry an egg inside, especially since this car has a black interior.

Now that Debbie has another vehicle to drive, her Mustang has become more of a hobbyhorse of sorts. Now she can concentrate on a few restoration upgrades and other general improvements knowing the car will lead an easier life.

We decided to begin with a new dashpad. It turns out Mustang Country International was also able to spend some time on a few other things while installing the new pad. This included a new pair of defroster ducts as well as pointing out the variations between '65 and '66 pads. Check out the end of the installation instructions to learn more about the differences between the two years.