Wayne Cook
August 1, 2007

Let's face it, after climbing out of your daily-driven Ford, almost any classic Ford from the Total Performance years will seem a little spartan. While usually long on horsepower and performance, the early cars were often lacking in comfort and convenience, especially by modern standards. On the first Mustangs, even power steering was an option. Power windows weren't in early ponycars until 1971, and power mirrors, seats, and door locks were never installed in the first-generation Mustang.

Now, with help from the aftermarket, it's possible to retrofit some of these modern conveniences onto your classic Ford. While these options might be seen as merely convenience items, they can also have a safety-oriented function as well. Let's not forget that as we age, things such as a tilt wheel, power seats, and power brakes help make our time behind the wheel safer and more comfortable. The power door locks we're looking at are just such an item.

Autoworks International's '68 Mustang test mule seemed like a good candidate for the company's new power door-lock system, which is currently available for '65-'70 Mustangs. The system is a direct bolt-in and functions just like in a modern car where the doors lock on the inside at the touch of a button. Add the remote keyless-entry feature and the doors lock or unlock using a remote-control key fob as well. Since the original key function is not disturbed, the door can also be locked and unlocked manually. In addition to being a great convenience item, power locks are also nice to have because they make it easy to keep out unwanted visitors with one quick gesture.

Join us as we install a set of power door locks onto the car. The complete installation should take an afternoon.