Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 8, 2006
What a difference an afternoon in the garage made in the interior of this '68. The two-tone look worked well with our TMI carbon-fiber insert upholstery, black carpet, dash, and door shells, with red door panels, dashpad, and headliner. Note also the rear package-tray speaker grilles were painted to match, and we used new seat pivot trim covers in black plastic for even more detail.

With time and use, the vinyl interiors found in our classic Fords succumb to wear, split seams, and sun fading. Thankfully, for many years now the most popular models have had reproduction seat upholstery, door panels, and carpet to renew their interiors. If you drive a Mustang, Falcon, Cougar, Torino, or Fairlane, there's a good chance you can locate everything you need to make your interior look like new once again. And having a nice-looking interior is definitely tops on everyone's list. Let's face it, no matter how faded the paint or how plain the wheels, you notice the interior most when driving your classic Ford down the street. Having a nice, fresh interior with a few upgrades will make the drive to work or cruise night that much more enjoyable.

Last year, TMI Upholstery introduced its line of carbon-fiber-looking accent upholstery for early Mustangs. These upholstery kits install just like a stock, single-color kit, but feature a custom carbon-fiber-look insert. Available in several accent colors, you can make a killer-looking custom interior for your ride for only a little more coin. TMI has expanded its Mustang program to include matching vinyl-covered package trays, carbon-fiber headliners and sun visors, carbon-fiber and brushed-aluminum insert door panels, Tu-Tone door panels (for the Pony interior look without the extra cost), and even its own center consoles, one dubbed the Tunnel Tote (for non-console cars) and the other the Console Caddy (for cars with a factory console).

With a recent paint job ("Color Us Impressed," May '06 Mustang & Fords) Russ Aljoe's '68 hardtop was looking a little tired inside. In addition, the red interior was a solid color (as was the case with most classic cars). We talked Aljoe into trying the TMI upholstery, which we ordered from Mustangs Plus, for a nice, black-and-red, two-tone contrast. While we had the seats out, we also replaced the carpet, headliner, and dashpad.

Check out the final look of the interior, and if you want a similar look of carbon fiber or brushed aluminum for your Mustang, you know what to do--pick up that phone and order your TMI upholstery kit. There are still a few events left this year to show it off!

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