Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 16, 2011
Contributers: Greg Clark

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we picked up our 10x16 workshop/shed, but time doesn't stand still for any project. Like most of you, money has been tight and we've not been able to do much, but we recently had a chance to try out a new product and our shed was the perfect guinea pig for it. Long time readers might remember when we picked up this shed last year. In a nutshell, like most of you car fanatics, we simply didn't have any more room. So the answer became an external storage building. We're making plans to wire it, insulate it, and drywall it for a truly nice workshop, but we had to do something about the bare wood floor.

Our first thought was to simply pick up some vinyl floor tiles, but the thought of the standard checkerboard pattern didn't really interest us, and often times when we see that type of floor we start getting cross eyed and dizzy. No, we wanted something else that would make the floor stand out, and make spills easy to clean. When we got wind of RockSolid Floors new Garage Coat one-step floor coating system we knew it was perfect for our floor and decided to give it a try. While primarily designed for properly prepared cement floors found in garages, workshops, and so forth, it can be applied to a wood floor in a workshop, shed, or even a car trailer. Just be aware that the wood will soak up the product and to expect less coverage than a typical cement floor application. Check out the following photos of our install to see just how easy the product is to apply and you can see our video of the whole installation as well below.

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