Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 29, 2010

Tech | Billet Interior Handles Install
We've been seeing it for many years-late-model Ford or Mustang parts trickling into the classic Mustang and Ford marketplace. From the ever popular '01 Mustang "Bullitt" wheel conversion to more complicated stuff like modular engine swaps. The answer is simple really, Ford owners look to Ford's parts first for their upgrades; wishing to keep their projects "all Ford" whenever possible. We feel the same way and would rather figure out a way to use a late-model Mustang seat than stick a Fiero, or heaven forbid, a Honda or Toyota seat in our classic Mustang. Unfortunately though for many of us into modifying our classics, the interior of our cars has been vastly ignored. Sure TMI Products has a nice line of modern seat covers and its Sport Seat foam, and several aftermarket seat companies offer bolt-in mounting kits, but there are so many other areas lacking.

We long for the day some carpet manufacturer will actually make a one-piece cut-pile replacement carpet kit for the classic Mustangs. We don't need the look of a two-piece loop pile carpet when everything else in the car is being modernized and upgraded. Thankfully there's hope for us with the guys from Billet Performance Accessories (BPA) who think the same way we do. Their new line of interior door handles, window cranks, and parking-brake handles (starting at just $16.75) beckon us to a whole new world of potential interior upgrades. Available in a standard satin finish and optional polished with clear coat, we scored a set of the brand-new interior products for classic Mustangs to check out, and feel free to give BPA a shout with some other product ideas. If there's demand warranted they'll fire up the CNC machines for even more classic Mustang items.

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