Wayne Cook
July 1, 2009

With the ISIS system, things like intermittent wipers, self-canceling turn signals, timers, soft start functions (turning the headlights on at 50 percent pulse width modulated voltage for 500 milliseconds before giving them full voltage for example), and more are all easily handled by ISIS. Custom programming is available from ISIS directly if you’ve got something to control that’s not pre-programmed, and by the time you read this, its inCODE programmer will be available, allowing you to program your own ISIS hardware at home, via computer. Simply make changes to your Mastercell programming and download it instantly from your computer into your Mastercell—perfect for future electronics upgrades.

The ISIS Multiplex Systems are also competitively priced when compared to a conventional direct replacement aftermarket harness. The ISIS 2-Cell Starter Kit will handle up to 10 circuits and lists for $799. The 3-Cell kit controls up to 20 circuits and goes for $999. Additional Powercell control units cost $349 each. The optional inDASH dash harness costs $159.

From where we sit, this new ISIS Multiplexing Wiring System looks like a big step forward for those faced with the wiring challenges found on major projects with increasingly complex electrical demands.

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