Wayne Cook
February 1, 2009

MMF Tech Dearborn Classics Interior Restoration
When we purchased our '67 Fairlane Ranchero for $3,500, it was a fantastic deal. The classic combination automobile and pickup ran fine when we bought it, and the deal became even sweeter when we discovered that the transmission pan was stamped with the word "Metric"-meaning the car had an AOD transmission instead of a C4. It was a pleasant surprise and a great added value to our purchase. While the body was straight and complete, the weak link with the Ranchero was the interior. The factory instrument bezel was damaged where some previous owner had punched a hole to install a clock, and it was otherwise cracked and faded. We'll be combing the rows at the major swap meets, such as Carlisle, for a replacement because it's doubtful that anyone will ever reproduce the '66-'67-only Fairlane factory instrument bezel.

The headliner on our car was nice, but everything else looked ratty. The carpeting was worn, torn, and stained, while the dashpad was cracked in many places. The upholstery and door panels were both covered in a coarse gray fabric, giving the whole interior a washed-out look. The interior was indeed a crying shame when compared to the rest of the vehicle. Luckily for us, Dearborn Classics specializes in non-Mustang classic Ford cars. The company offers many parts for all of the Fairlanes, including the Fairlane Ranchero. Not dealing with the Mustang means that energy can be devoted to the other great cars that are part of the Ford Total Performance lineup, with the Galaxie at the top of the line and the compact Falcon at the small end of the size range. People used to restoring Mustangs will learn to appreciate Dearborn Classics very quickly as the parts resources available for these Ford cars are tiny compared to the amount of coverage the Mustang enjoys. Follow along with Mustang Country in Paramount, California, where the company was kind enough to lend its expertise to our project, even though the subject is not a Mustang. It's been our experience that if you love one Ford, you love them all.

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