Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
January 1, 2009

One of the most annoying parts of the S197 interior is the center stack. If you lean your leg against it while on a long drive, the sharp corner isn't too comfortable, so Moss Mustang has this ingenious knee pad (PN 056-241; $24.95) that affords you a cushiony place to rest your leg. The pad installs easily with adhesive-backed Velcro and blends into the interior.

It must have been an oversight to delete the '05-'08 Mustang Lighted SVT sill plates (PN M-13208-LSVT; $275) from the Ambient Lighting package, but fortunately FRPP picked up the slack and made these available. You simply tap into the wiring harness behind the A-pillar trim, string some wires under the dash and carpet...

...and clip the LEDs into the sills, which look just like the stock SVT sills until you notice the light. You can't alter the color of these like the Ambient or MyColor lightning, but I dig the red.

Another trick piece from Moss is something you won't see often, but you'll appreciate it every time you do. The S197 glovebox can be a scene of chaos, and your stuff tends to fall out when you open it. Well, this glovebox organizer (PN 055-310; $26.95) is the easiest part I've ever installed, but the improvement is massive. Not only can you fit more in the glovebox, but it's more organized and secure to boot.

You know from PVT's engine mods that I like carbon fiber, and along with those choice billet mods, what PVT needed was a splash of carbon fiber to set off the interior. Fortunately Moss Mustang has a robust selection of dash kits. I chose the real carbon-fiber dash kit (PN 055-294; $239.95), real carbon-fiber accent-panel kit (PN 055-295; $114.95), and real carbon-fiber add-on kit (PN 056-061; $119.95) for a manual-trans S197. After prepping the target surfaces with the alcohol pads provided in the kits, I checked the tackiness of the surface with masking tape. A few surfaces needed more cleaning; then I carefully installed each piece, making sure it was where I wanted it before firmly pressing it on for good.

The finishing touch for my interior upgrades is this autographed GT500 plaque (KIT-SP-DPGT500; $324.95) from Shelby Performance Parts. This plaque features the Shelby logo, the VIN of your GT500, and the signature of the man himself, Carroll Shelby. Similar plaques are found on the GT500KR, and these are a must-have for the GT500 owner. Just clean and prep the dash, stick the plaque into place, and you're done. Some owners carefully clearcoat the plaque to protect Mr. Shelby's signature from the elements. Krylon UV-resistant clear (PN 1390) from a craft store seems to be a popular option. Be sure to apply several light coats so the signature doesn't run.