Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
January 1, 2009

Now here's a mod that doesn't just look good, but actually made the car more fun to drive-MGW's composite race knob ($65). This composite handle has great tactile feel and ever so slightly increases the height of the shift handle for a bit more leverage. The result is even better shifting from my previously installed FRPP short-throw shifter. MGW offers several styles of knob in several variations. This one is available with GT, running horse, snake, or shift-pattern emblems in satin or chrome.

Obviously I'm a fan of MGW's gear. It's top-drawer stuff, and the satin finish is classy. What sold me on the billet cupholder bezel ($59) is the optional coin tray ($34) with the Cobra logo.

The bezel installs with two-sided tape: Just prep and stick. The coin tray pushes into the smaller front opening of the bezel to offer a stylish place for your lose change or pocket lint.

One of the tricks to adding billet dress-up gear is to refrain from going overboard, and MGW's Deluxe billet seat-lever buckles ($58) are a great example of that restraint. Rather than replacing the whole lever, these covers are a prep-and-stick bit of shine that dress up the seat without taking over.

You can't add billet gear to your Mustang without replacing the plastic door-lock knobs with something more befitting. MGW's door-lock pins ($16) not only look good, they feature Allen set screws to keep unscrupulous car-show gawkers from lifting yours. Be sure to put these on after you do anything that requires removing the door panel, as they won't fit through the stock hole.

While there won't be much of an audience in the back seat, it seems fitting to round out the MGW run of mods with the company's coat-hanger replacement kit ($29) in the same satin finish. These units look great and still provide the breakaway safety afforded by the stockers.