Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
January 1, 2009

The Steeda billet strut cover (PN 555-0658; $79.95) fills the opening and installs simply with the interference fit of an O-ring, while the Steeda strut-nut covers (PN 555-0662; $59.95) just need a gentle tap to slide tightly into place. The difference is huge.

One of the more labor-intensive tasks was installing the Tru-Billet Traditional interior door handles (PN 5104; $119) from Silverhorse racing, but the results were well worth the effort. Essentially, you unbolt the door panel, and unplug the harnesses so you can get to the cable on the back of the door handle. Once that's popped out, you can pry out the stock door handle, replace it with the beautiful Silverhorse unit, and reverse the operation. Silverhorse provides great instructions, so it's easy enough for even an editor to do it.

The Silverhorse Tru-Billet handle not only looks great, but feels more solid than the plastic piece it replaces. I chose the satin and clear anodized version to match my other interior pits, but Silverhorse also offers triple-chrome plating.

Like the strut towers in the engine bay, it's the cheap, plastic power-port cover that sullies the S197 interior. What better place to add an MGW Deluxe power outlet plug ($28) emblazoned with the coiled snake? The company offers too many variables to list, but there are several logos to chose from, including the cool "Eject" option. This has to be the easiest upgrade to install and makes the biggest difference. Just pop out the plastic, and push this one into place.

To match the Silverhorse handles, the next addition is one of the company's Tru-Billet mirror-control knobs (PN S197-533; $25). Again, satin was the finish of choice, but installing this piece couldn't be easier. You just pull off the old knob-I used a towel and needle-nose pliers to protect the old knob-and push on the Tru-Billet knob.

Rounding out the satin-finish additions from Silverhorse is a set of its '07-'08 Tru-Billet climate controls (PN S197-525-07; $59). The '07-and-up cars have unique knobs, so be sure to order the proper fitment-not those for '05-'06 cars. These knobs are available in satin, black, polished, and triple chrome, as well as two lighting options, green or red. I chose the red to match the FRPP lighted doorsills, and I can change the MyColor and Ambient Lighting to match as well.

Installing the MGW e-brake handle was a bit more challenging. PVT was ordered with the Premium Interior option, which means the emergency brake handle, door handle, and dash have a faux leather cover, which brings the interior upscale a bit. However, this extra material made the MGW handle cover a tight fit. Be sure you back out the Allen retaining screws and use something slick to help ease on the MGW piece. I used Turtle Wax Ice interior cleaner, which worked like a charm and didn't leave a residue. Once the handle is on, you can tighten the screws.