Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 1, 2004
Photos By: Steve Turner

The interior of your Mustang receives more attention than any other part of it. Sure, you spend a fair amount of time under the hood, and on Saturdays in your driveway with the wash bucket. But whether it's going back and forth to work, running errands, or heading for the opposite end of the track, the interior of your Mustang is what you constantly see, feel, and even hear. So why not improve its look and feel to make those miles behind the wheel more enjoyable.

That's exactly what we decided to do for Editor Turner's '98 Cobra. While it has ample power, great handling, and killer brakes, the interior remained unchanged from the way the factory built it six years ago. Being Ford's top Mustang nameplate, the Cobra should have a more upscale interior than a regular GT. While the '03-and-newer Cobras do indeed have much more supportive seats and better materials (with the 10th Anniversary package having the most upgrades), and while the '99 and '01 Cobras have a few more interior niceties over the GT and V-6 models, the '94-'98 Cobras sported nothing more than a set of white-faced gauges and a leather shift knob and parking-brake handle. Oh, hold us back!

So, what to do to Editor Turner's Cobra to give it the true, upscale interior the nameplate deserves? To begin, we'll pillage through the Ford and Ford Racing Performance Parts parts bins and take some of the items the newer Cobras have-such as the 10th Anniversary Cobra carbon-fiber shifter knob, shift boot, and steering wheel-and drop them into the '98. That's a nice start, but how about color matching some of the interior trim to carry over the Chrome Yellow to the inside of the car? That's easy enough to do. Simply pick up some interior spray paint and add the color where you want. Not to forget the billet invasion, we'll throw some billet A/C knobs, door lock pins, and other items in there as well. Lastly, we'll add some rockin' seats to really top off the interior sundae we're building. A pair of black and yellow Corbeau VX2000s with harness belts will be the perfect "cherries" for it.

Now that we have your mind thinking and your mouth drooling, go out to your Mustang, open the driver door, and take a look at the "before" image. Once you begin to work on the "after" image, your Mustang's interior will be looking just as sweet as Editor Turner's does in our lead photo.