Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 1, 2003
Our new Auto Custom Carpet from LRS makes our nearly 13-year-old interior look fresh once more. While replacing the carpet in your Mustang takes only a few hours, plan on spending the entire day since you'll end up cleaning every single item before it goes back in the car.

Horse Sense:
Replacing the carpet in your Fox Mustang also presents the perfect opportunity to upgrade the audio system or install a rollbar. With the carpet out, you can easily route wiring or drill/weld the mounting points for the bar. Combining projects saves time. We've done so in the past, and it makes for cleaner installation and less hassle for both projects.

Slipping into your daily driver Fox Mustang for the 25-minute commute to work, you're all grins. Plenty of power under the hood, big brakes for stopping, and a fiberglass hood show the world you have something. Lucky for you they can't see your interior, right? Don't be ashamed-even the cleanest interiors fade and become ripped or stained from time to time. It's age-and as with your own body, there's no stopping it. Of course, unlike your internal clock, your Mustang's interior can be replaced or repaired.

Faded door panels and cracked trim panels and dash assemblies can be pricey to replace, if you can even find them. Oftentimes a good cleaning and an application of vinyl dye will bring new life to these expensive pieces. However, if you don't mind spending a little dough, there's no better single item to replace in your interior than the carpet.

During the years, fading, wear, and stains take their toll. Carpet worn through to the pad in the driver's heel area, stains from dirty shoes and food, and years of torturous sun damage add up to nasty carpet. The typical home carpeting is replaced every 5 to 10 years (depending upon quality), so why not do the same for your Mustang?

All you have to do to see how damaging the Florida sun can be to an interior is to pull up a floor mat. Tinted windows are just about mandatory here.

When it comes to late-model Mustangs and their restoration and repair parts, it's difficult not to see the enthusiasm oozing from Shannon Guderian of Latemodel Restoration Supply. He and his company have done more for late-model Mustang owners in the past two years than some companies that have been around a lot longer. Having grown from just 3 employees to more than 20-and now looking for even more warehouse space-Shannon has his hands full.

We recently talked with him about the late-model Mustang interior and its problems. He has several newly reproduced items available now and many more on the front burner to come to market in 2003. We had LRS send us an Auto Custom Carpet set for our '90 hatchback-including the hatch area-as well as new floor mats. The following steps are for '87-'93 models, but they will work as a guideline for '79-'86 and '94-'02 models as well.

You Crack Me Up.
As our beloved Fox Mustangs get older by the day, abuse, heat, and plastic lifespans all merge into a crumbled mess on the carpet. Trim items such as doorsill plates, seatbelt boots, kick panels, speaker grilles, and more crack and break easily, doing their best to make your otherwise-clean interior look as if it was beaten with an ugly stick. But there's one person who is really trying to help us keep our Fox Mustangs running and looking good-Shannon Guderian at Latemodel Restoration Supply.

When we called Shannon for this carpet project, we discussed some of the problems with our interior. He told us he either had the parts in stock or he was working on a reproduction. Check out the following images and see if your Mustang has these problems.

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