Jim Smart
April 1, 1999
Photos By: Barbara Bird

Step By Step

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These are the Haneline power window motor assemblies. Made in Italy, they’re precision pieces that offer quiet, smooth operation. What’s more, they’re made exclusively for classic Mustangs. They bolt right into the factory window regulator holes with no cutting or drilling.
Haneline currently offers two power switch selections, although they’re looking into more. We’re installing the chromed GM power-window switches, which tie in with a classic Mustang’s interior. Also available are black plastic switches, which tie in more with a monochromatic theme. Both types include plenty of wiring harness to complete the job.
Because our Mustang has been in the raw, we’re unable to show you window regulator removal. Simply remove the door handle, then the four regulator attachment bolts. Remove the two regulator idler (slider) bolts and slide all of the rollers out of the window assembly. Make sure the window is in the up position first, which makes the regulator easier to remove.
Installation of the Haneline power window assemblies is easy. We advise plugging the harness into the motor before installation (guess how we found out). The motor assembly enters the door as shown. Two rollers face the window track; one roller faces the idler track. Slide the two rollers into the window track, then fit the threaded studs on the motor assembly into the holes in the door and tighten the retaining nuts.
Noise isolation is important for quiet operation. We suggest the use of rubber washers on the motor mount studs. These washers soak up motor noise and keep it out of the passenger cabin.
Because we have chosen to position our master switch (four-switch unit) in the console, some changes in wiring were mandatory. When positioned in the driver-side door, the switches control all four windows--left rear, right rear, right front, left front. When positioned in the console, the switches are utilized from side to side, left to right--left front window, then left rear window, right rear window, and right front. In short, the two outboard switches control the front windows, and the two inboard switches control the rear windows. We simply rewired the switch for proper console operation.
Rear-quarter window motors are easy to install. Once the manual window regulator is removed, installation includes feeding the motor assembly through the large bottom opening as shown.
With the window glass in the down position, slip the outboard roller into the window track as shown.
The inboard roller goes into the idler track, which bolts to the body.
Each of the power window motors gets its power via the wiring harness and two-prong, weather-tight plugs like this one. We advise installing the plug into the motor before motor installation. Access is difficult once the motor is installed.
The rear power window motor is installed and ready for adjustment.
Power window switches can be installed in the rear quarter trim panels. All you have to do is use the switch mounting plate as a template, mark the window crank hole as shown...
...cut the hole to size...
...then install the mounting plate...
...and, finally, the switch.
The press-on connector is tied to the main harness (not pictured). This connector fastens to the switch we just installed. Our windows are ready for testing, adjustment, and operation. The simple wiring schematics and instructions included with the kit make for easy installation.

It had to happen sooner or later--power windows for vintage Mustangs in the true restomod style. Haneline Products, who brings us those extraordinary custom instrument panels for classic Mustangs and Falcons, now offers power windows that completely eliminate window cranking effort. And they look stunning in operation when you're coasting up to a car show or cruising spot.

In short, there’s nothing not to like about Haneline power windows, including the simple installation. Haneline power windows are easier to install than the stock window regulators. No kiddin’. They’re lighter and they consume less space inside the door. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up instead of roll up, and we’re going to show you how. Our candidate for Haneline power windows is our high-tech 1965 5.0L EFI coupe. The decision to equip the Mustang with power windows was easy. How to outfit the car was a challenge. We had two choices: We could install the power window switches in the pony door panels, or in the custom-made console that interior whiz kid Mike Ambrose would be building for us a few weeks down the road. We elected to go the console route, so we wouldn’t have to alter the doors. Console switches make it easier to operate the windows from the two front seats. Rear-quarter trim panel switches for the quarter windows are easy to install and wire in.