Jim Smart
August 1, 2000

Step By Step

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The Mustang’s Interior Décor Group option, commonly known today as the Pony Interior, was one of the nicest interior packages ever offered on a vintage car. We’re going to show you how to improve on it by swapping the original seats for modern Flo-Fits with Pony-style upholstery.
With the factory bucket seats removed and put away for safekeeping, an adapter to mount the Flo-Fit seats bolts right into the Mustang’s seat pan using slightly larger (and stronger) bolts. No drilling is required. The adapter uses the same bolt holes as the factory bucket seats.
If you’ve ever had the frustration of losing nuts and washers inside the seat pan, here’s a solution from M Detail. Glue a flat washer to the nut as shown, then allow the glue to set before installing the nut/washer combo. Fit the nut/washer combo in a 9/16-inch deep-well socket and install.
Installed, the Flo-Fit/TMI seat adapter looks like this. With the seat installed, it cannot be seen.
The Flo-Fit/TMI seats drop into place over the adapter. Save your back and enlist the help of a friend.
With the seat in place, four Allen-head bolts attach the seat to the adapter as shown. There are two bolts in front and two at the rear.
The Flo-Fit bucket seats covered with TMI Pony upholstery by M Detail add new life to a classic Mustang Interior Décor Group package. These seats also recline and are fully adjustable. MF

Restomod is about taking a good thing and making it better. A case in point for restomod ’65-’66 Mustangs are the new Flo-Fit bucket seats from M Detail/The Mustang Market. Covered with custom TMI Interior Décor Group—perhaps better known as Pony—upholstery, the seat is the epitome of restomod because it retains the sharp lines of classic while improving function, safety, and comfort.

After we received a huge reader response to a photo of the seats in our March Parts Counter, we contacted Bruce Reckard at M Detail/The Mustang Market for the lowdown on these comfortable, good-looking Flo-Fit buckets. Covered in striking TMI Products quality upholstery, these restomodded Flo-Fit seats add a touch of class to a vintage Mustang interior for less than $1,500. The fully adjustable seats are offered in both all-original and custom colors; plus they recline, a feature never offered in a vintage Mustang. They can be installed in less than an hour to completely transform a Mustang’s personality in short order. We’re impressed with the outcome.