Jim Smart
July 1, 2000

Step By Step

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The standard Falcon/Mustang full-sweep cluster isn’t much to look at. Haneline Products has solutions.
The beauty of the Haneline cluster is versatility. Teleflex instruments are available in black with white characters or in a white face with black characters. Speedometers are available in electric or cable-driven.
Because space is limited with Mustangs and Falcons, we suggest the cable-driven speedometer.
Begin removal of the Falcon/ Mustang cluster with four Phillips screws top and bottom.
Remove the instrument panel wiring harness and speedometer cable next. All of the sockets plug into the cluster. The removal is easy.
Each of the factory wiring harness plugs and sockets should be marked as shown. This will be important later.
Take the Haneline cluster and test-fit it in place, then scribe a mark where the stock cluster attachment screws were.
Drill 1/8-inch holes in the Haneline cluster as shown, where the screw marks were scribed.
Next, fit the Teleflex instruments in place. Instrument positioning is important. You will want the most important instruments positioned where you can see them at a glance. Typically, the speedometer goes on the left.
The instruments are held in place with brackets that are included in the kit.
The Haneline Falcon/Mustang cluster comes with a wiring harness that makes installation easy.
The wiring harness is installed following the instructions included with the kit.
Connections at the instruments should be positioned where vibrations won’t bring them together to cause a short circuit. Keep this in mind.
Some connections won’t be used in your application. Carefully tie them off away from grounding or other connections.
Following the labels you’ve used at the stock connections, remove the factory plugs one by one, strip the wire ends, and install the Haneline plugs per the instructions.
When installed, the Haneline plugs tie into the factory harness.
Plug the Haneline instrument panel into the harness plug as shown.
Fit the Haneline cluster in place. The Haneline six-dial cluster can be anything you want it to be. Paint it to match the dashboard, or leave it black. The choice is yours.

The street rod movement is finding '60s vintage Fords and Mercs as we speak. One example is the Haneline six-dial instrument panel for mid-'60s Mustangs and Falcons designed to replace the limited-function, full-sweep Falcon/ Mustang cluster. The Haneline instrument panel is designed to fit '64-'65 Falcons, '65-'66 Mustangs, and even '64-'65 Comets. What's more, it's an easy, one-afternoon swap that will infuse performance and function into your sporty Ford or Mercury compact.

The beauty of the Haneline cluster is versatility. You can have five gauges or six. You can use Haneline's Teleflex gauges or any gauge you desire. Haneline gives you a choice. You can paint the Haneline cluster to match your dashboard or install it as-is in black. Engine-turned facing is available in all colors of the rainbow. CNC technology gives the Haneline cluster precision accuracy. We looked to CW's Hot Rods in Orange, California, to install our Haneline cluster.