Jim Smart
March 15, 2018

One of the biggest pet peeves in the history of classic Mustang restoration has been those frustrating door sill plates. From the very beginning when these cars were rolling off three assembly lines from coast to coast the aluminum sill plates have yielded their share of frustration. Because they were made of aluminum and never really a respectable stamping to begin with they’ve never been easy to service. Trim screws pull through the aluminum and the darned things have never been easy to line up and install. What’s worse is that the sill plates are one of the first things you notice every time you open the door, making them a constant mental nuisance.

Larry Brogdin of Dynacorn International invited us to check out these relatively new stainless door sill plates for 1965-68 Mustang, which are available from several aftermarket Mustang parts houses, such as National Parts Depot, Mustangs Plus, Mustangs Unlimited, and more. No need to rub your eyes. We’re talking polished stainless steel sill plates that look sharp, fit perfectly, and won’t let screw heads pull through.

1. These crisp, polished stainless steel sill plates for 1965-1968 Mustangs are easy to install and adjust. When you order them, don’t forget the “Product of Ford” stick on emblems.

2. What hangs us up more than anything in sill plate installation are the elements that cause installation woes—kick panels, carpet, and sound deadening. Sill plates fit quite well when the rest of it falls into place. Larry Brogdin of Dynacorn suggests carefully using a heat gun on the kick panel to make it more flexible during installation, which makes sill plate installation easier. This is something most people don’t do—instead they try to install the plates over the existing carpet and sound deadener, hence the hassle.

3. As you can see here, sound deadening and carpet have to be trimmed back (but not too far) to make sill plate installation easier.

4. The stainless sill plate is fitted, then held with an awl at the screw holes. Loosely install one screw at a time to maintain positioning. Once all screws are in, tighten them while checking fitment.

5. Here’s one option for aluminum and stainless sill plates alike. We like these stainless countersunk washers, which work well on all kinds of trim applications. You can source them from nearly any hardware supply house. ACE Hardware Stores coast to coast have some of the best hardware sections we’ve ever seen at Mustang Monthly.

6. Check this out. Your aluminum door sill plates have never looked this good. Now for those darned seats…