Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 6, 2016
Photos By: Auto Meter

We’ve all been there. It’s been a good month or so since the last time the Mustang was fired up for a cruise in or car show and you’re itching to head to that Saturday morning cars and coffee when the twist of the ignition key elicits a big fat nothing (or at best a staccato clicking of the starter solenoid). Most of us will try to jump start the Mustang and still make it to the event, hoping the drive is enough to charge the battery back up. Sadly, this is repeated month after month all over the country, especially in the spring after our northern states come out of winter hibernation.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Having your Mustang’s battery connected to a battery extender during these down times means that not only is your battery properly maintained during storage, but your Mustang is ready to go when you are. Battery extenders/maintainers are not new to our hobby, and neither is Auto Meter, famous for its line of aftermarket instrumentation many of us have used over the years. However, today we welcome Auto Meter’s Test Equipment division’s latest announcement of its BEX line of battery extenders, starting at just forty bucks!

Currently there are two battery extenders in the new BEX line: the BEX-1500 and BEX-3000. Both units are compatible with all lead acid batteries, including standard wet/flooded, AGM, and gel cell designs. The BEX extenders are designed with fully automatic smart charging with sophisticated circuitry that will safely charge and maintain batteries without overcharging and even desulphate worn cells. Safety is a priority with the BEX line and to that end both units feature spark-free connection and reverse polarity detection/protection. The BEX-1500 has 1.5-amps of charge current, while the BEX-3000 features 3.0-amps and can safely charge your battery in position, so there’s no need to remove the battery from your Mustang. The BEX-1500 retails for $39.95, while the BEX-3000 goes for $54.95. Both units come with two sets of connection leads (clamps and bolt-on ring terminals) and feature a three-year warranty.

The base model BEX-1500 rings the register for under $40 and features standard charging modes like desulfation, absorption, and maintaining. Its big brother, the BEX-3000 (seen in our lead photo) charges at a higher current rate and has selectable battery modes.
Both the BEX-1500 and the BEX-3000 (shown) feature LED indicator lights that quickly show the user what the charger is doing via a standard green/amber/red configuration. Red means the unit is charging the battery, amber shows the unit is in desulfation mode, and green means the battery is fully charged and is being safely maintained by the extender.
Both units feature a generous length wall cord and charge cord and come with two charging adapters. Permanent ring terminals easily attach to your battery’s cable clamps, while the alligator-style clamps can be used for loose batteries, lawn equipment, or for that remote use at a family member’s house.