Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 6, 2016

While we know a few technology holdouts that enjoy their flip phones and abstain from texting, for the most part, everyone has a “smart phone” these days. The convenience of a high quality camera, your music collection, and more in the palm of your hand is quite enticing. Adding a direct-fit audio solution to your vintage Mustang with USB and/or Bluetooth connectivity means you can bring your music with you when you drive your vintage Mustang, use Google Maps, or even carry on a phone call hands free. We love to listen to our SiriusXM Radio app on our Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone, and with the RetroSound stereo we installed a few years ago we can listen directly through our Mustang’s speakers. Plus, the hands-free calling is a nice safety addition (and the only way to fly in those states that make it illegal to hold your phone while driving).

That being said, what do you do with your actual phone? We’ve placed it in our aftermarket console’s cup holder in the past, but that makes answering calls or changing our music selection tough, and a bit dangerous (though we usually try to do so only while stopped at a light). A better solution would be a mounting solution that puts your phone in your line of sight. Most phone mounts either utilize an air-conditioning vent (which admittedly a lot of our vintage Mustangs lack) or a suction cup for the windshield. Even worse, they often are designed with heavy spring-loaded “jaws” to hold the phone, making the installation and removal of the phone a two-handed affair. Now mounting your phone is about to get a whole lot easier.

Vintage Mustang owners will no doubt love the new MagicMount Pro from Scosche. The MagicMount features a strong, yet easy to remove magnetic mount that works with any phone. The magnets, which are safe for modern electronics, are installed in the unit’s base, while the included MagicPlate is installed on your phone—either under the battery cover, between your phone and its case, or directly to the back of the phone. Now, simply place the phone close to the mount and let the magnets take over. Quick, simple, and one handed operation means easy access to your phone. We took a closer look at the MagicMount Pro, test fitting it to our 1966 Mustang (as well as our daily driven 1990 Mustang and the wife’s 2014 Fusion) and came away quite impressed.

The MagicMount Pro Window/Dash is what we tested. The unit features a rubber coated surface to prevent scratches and a silver bezel (black replacement bezel also comes with it). The base uses a sticky, non-marring suction cup for mounting on any surface, even one with a texture like a dash pad, and a swivel mount for optimum viewing angle.
The MagicMount Pro Dash is a more compact version with an adhesive mounting base instead of the repositionable suction cup.
Lastly, the MagicMount Pro Vent is designed for air conditioning vents. While transportable from car to car, we don’t see it as the primary option for vintage Mustangs and their old-school A/C vents (if the car even has A/C!).
Included with the MagicMount Pro is a pair of MagicPlates. These plates can be affixed to your smart phone, tablet, etc. and is how the MagicMount Pro holds your device.
The MagicPlate simply adheres directly to the back of your phone, or it can be placed inside the battery door, or even between your phone and phone case. We placed ours between our phone and case and had plenty of magnetic “grip” to hold the phone in place.
We wanted the phone in our line of sight, but not up on the dash or windshield. A quick scan of the dash and we felt placing the MagicMount Pro directly beneath our radio was ideal.
Once installed, mounting the phone is as easy as hovering the phone close to the MagicMount Pro and letting the magnets take over. Horizontal mounting for navigation use (as in our lead photo) works like a charm too!
For our test fit in our Fox body Mustang we opted for the front of the console next to the shifter. We also tried it up on the Mustang’s dash “shelf” that the 1987-1993 models sport and it worked great there as well for GPS use.
Even though the wife’s Fusion has factory navigation, often times we’ll use our phone’s apps, as they are constantly updated with new business locations and road changes. A quick transfer of the MagicMount Pro to the Fusion’s windshield and we were ready for our weekend trip. The MagicMount Pro is really an essential piece for today’s driving.
For those looking for a quick way to charge your smart phone or other device, Scosche also offers the ReVolt Dual. This is a dual 12-volt USB charger with illuminated ports for easy visibility at night. This is perfect for vintage Mustangs that, unlike modern cars with high-tech features, do not come with a USB port from the factory.