Jim Smart
February 10, 2016

You’ve probably been there. Stupid, stubborn seats won’t glide smoothly fore and aft. Most likely the problem is seat track adjustment and lubrication. It really is easy to get these guys working again smoothly, but it involves seat removal, inspection, adjustment, and lubrication with white lithium grease. Most of the time you won’t even have to remove the seat but instead, reach underneath and adjust the turnbuckle for a uniform release of both tracks. Let’s get started on this quick seat fix.

01. Classic Mustang seat tracks are simple in scope. The manual adjustment lever is on the left-hand track. An adjustable cable and turnbuckle connect both sides. When you move the seat adjustment lever, you are releasing the left-hand seat track lock, thus moving the cable and right-hand seat track lock, which releases both sides.

02. This cable and turnbuckle system connects both seat tracks. This is the left-hand side.

03. Here’s the right-hand side where the cable connects. The large spring is what helps you slide the seat back and forth—the spring moves the seat forward, and leg power moves it backward. Install this helper spring once all adjustment is complete.

04. This is a seat track unlocked. This locking mechanism locks into the rack. When you move the release lever, you release this lock on both sides.

05. Here’s the seat track lock in the locked position where no track movement is possible.

06. Here we are installing new reproduction seat tracks from Mustangs Plus on TMI Products upholstered seats. These new seat tracks offer unequalled smoothness and are easy to install and adjust. Both tracks must be in the same position in their travel to work well.

07. Don’t try to use hex-head bolts on seat tracks. The heads will not clear. Use the original button-head Phillips screws or Allen screws shown here. These small heads clear nicely.

08. Once the left-hand seat track is secure, connect the cable/turnbuckle and install the other track.

09. With both seat tracks secured and cables connected, release both sides and slide them all the way aft, then engage the locks on both sides. Adjust the turnbuckle until both sides release at once. When the tracks are properly adjusted, install the large helper springs. Lubricate the seat tracks with white lithium grease but don’t overdo it. You may also use graphite grease, which is what the factory used.