Early Mustang Carpet Installation 01
Jim Smart
January 3, 2016

Carpet installation calls for the same kind of close attention we give seals and gaskets: It’s always better to not cut enough than to cut too much. Ask us how we know. The first order of business is to spread the carpeting out in the warm sun to make it more flexible, and therefore easier to work with. Install the front carpet and pound it into the floor pan to where it fits the pan perfectly. Make sure the mat and toe pad are positioned correctly at the pedals. Lay in rear carpet and pound it into the floor pan.

Trimming carpet is a slippery slope because you can cut too much. Remember, it is better to cut not enough and have to trim a little more than to cut too much and wind up with an expensive problem. Carpeting should be trimmed to where edges are just under the heater box, kick panels, sill plates, and quarter trim panels. If there’s excessive carpet at the edges these items will not install flush. Trim a little at a time and work the installation.