Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 23, 2015
Photos By: Tech-Life

Everyone is after convenience these days, and that includes DIY-types and technicians. Having cordless power tools at your disposal means you can make quick work of the job at hand without the need for a power outlet, an extension cord, and so on. Of course cordless power tools require rechargeable batteries and those batteries must be able to be recharged quickly and on-site (or within your work area). Having several chargers plugged in at once not only takes up a lot of valuable workbench or tool box space, but anything more than two chargers often means having to plug everything into a power strip of some sort. Tech-Life has solved this problem with its new power delivery platform called The Grid.

The Grid is an integrated surge-protected power strip and USB hub for the toolbox or workbench. It features outlets oriented to the front and rear (five on the rear and four on the front along with four USB ports), a 12-amp circuit breaker, and three zones with dedicated power switches. “Toolbox real estate is a big challenge for most technicians, and so is power outlet availability,” said Tech-Life CEO Nick Mazza. “This unique product design solves both of those issues with an elegant and highly functional design.”

Unlike most power strips with outlets facing up, The Grid features outlets oriented to the front and rear which leaves a large, flat top surface. This design allows the user to plug up to five chargers into the rear outlets and place them on top of the unit for permanent storage, with four additional outlets and four USB ports along the front for additional, on-demand power needs. The unit is equipped with a 12-amp circuit breaker to prevent tripping the breakers in the main panel. In addition, it is divided into three zones with dedicated power switches on the side of the unit. For example, a user running a corded device with a high current draw (hammer drill, shop vac, soldering gun, etc.) can switch off the other zones and prevent tripping the unit’s circuit breaker. The USB charging hub is designed to charge four devices simultaneously, providing 2.1 amps of power to each port for extremely fast charging times.

Other innovative Tech-Life products include BeatBlock, the first portable Bluetooth wireless speaker designed for automotive technicians, as well as Tech-Light, the first magnetic work light with over 220 degrees of rotating, directional light. Tech-Life products are available through Integrated Supply Network and at Amazon. For further information, visit