Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 17, 2015

You’ve taken the utmost care in painting and assembling your project car and everything looks perfect; like the day it came off the showroom floor. However, take it from us, at some point down the road you’ll most likely need to dig into that pristine painted interior and trim for a repair or an upgrade. It always happens, and when it does it’s best to be prepared with the right tool. We’re not talking about a screwdriver wrapped in tape or a scraper with a shop rag wrapped around the end of it, no, we mean the right tool for the job—a trim tool. You can find trim tools at various big box and tool outlet stores, often with five or more different tools in the kit for just a few dollars. We’ve found over the years that these tools are often too soft to use for any real prying and are too short to provide leverage. The new MasterPry LED trim tools, on the other hand, can tackle any trim work you can throw at them.

The MasterPry LED trim tool is the first trim tool we’ve seen with an on-board 30-lumen LED light to help illuminate the work area. This may sound like a gimmick, but we’re sure we’re not the first ones to have a flashlight in our mouth while trying to pry a piece of trim or a wire harness free. The on-board light helps determine right where to pry as you’re working the tool into the trim panel. We all know Mustang door panels are fragile and now you can easily see right where the door panel clips are with the on-board LED light of the MasterPry LED. Now you can throw away those flimsy five and ten-piece kits that take up all that room in your toolbox and replace them with the two MasterPry LED pry tools in this kit. Their tough plastic construction will not scratch, yet is strong enough to really pop out stubborn trim panels and moldings. You can find them at as-well-as on Amazon.

The pair comes packaged in a blister pack with cardboard backer with product details and tool design callouts on the back. Shipping was quick and our package arrived without any damage.
Out of the package the MasterPry LED pry tools have a nice textured finish to the bodies and the batteries are pre-installed. All you have to do is remove the battery terminal protector strips and the pry tools are ready for use.
A quick push of the power button illuminates the on-board LED. There is no timer circuit, so be sure to turn the LED off when you’re done with the tools. The batteries are user replaceable too.
This profile view shows the size and thickness of the MasterPry LED. You can get plenty of leverage with this tool and the tip comes to a surprisingly slim edge to allow the tool to get behind even the tightest of panel gaps.
The standard tip pry tool worked great on small trim moldings, door panels, and other areas we tested on our Mustangs. The LED on-board lighting really helps under the dash, under seats, and other locations where lighting is poor, preventing you from needing secondary illumination that you normally would have to hold or wear.
The notch-tip pry tool is perfect for wiring harness retainers and late-model door panel clips, among other things.