Marc Christ Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
April 16, 2014
Photos By: Kristian Grimsland
11. The Painless wires labeled along the entire length of the harness. Each wire is numbered, and there is a chart in the manual that describes each to make it even easier.
12. We then matched up and spliced the new harness to the pigtails of the original harness.
13. For gauges, we opted to stick with a racy theme and install aftermarket gauges. Scott Rod Fabrications supplied its blank gauge panel (PN FDASHDGP; $50) in natural aluminum. We measured, marked, and drilled holes for the gauges using a hole saw.
14. ProParts supplied its NASCAR-specific Spek gauges, which can be programmed to turn colors according to the parameters you set ...
15. ... And they’re easy to install using the supplied screw-on retainer.
16. Since our new gauges stick out into the dash, we had to trim the dash carrier with a saw.
17. Then, we made a harness using the supplied harness for the gauges and labeled each pigtail.
18.We then made weather-pack ends for the gauge harness and matching ends on the new harness in the car. By only removing two clips, the harness can be removed easily with the gauge cluster, rather than unclipping every single gauge.
19. We then routed the harness to match the corresponding gauge locations.
20. Then, we plugged in each pigtail to matching gauge.
21. The cluster panel fits nicely, and we even went ahead and mounted the A/C vents and control panel for next month’s story.
22. FRPP even threw in one of its push-button start kits, so we made room for it. It won’t be long before we power up and push this button for the first time, so stay tuned!