Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 6, 2014

13. Use a plastic scraper to clean the roof skin of any remaining insulation. You want all stray insulation removed to allow your new insulation to adhere to the roof skin.

14. Once the insulation is installed (you can see the foil backed insulation directly over the TMI molded headliner) the TMI molded headliner is slid through the door opening and rotated into place. Using the proper indexing hole per the TMI instructions, a pick tool is inserted through the hole so that it can be positioned in the rear view mirror mounting screw hole to properly place the headliner.

15. With the headliner centered using the pick tool a second helper temporarily secures the headliner to the pinch welds at each door opening using high-strength rubber coated spring clamps. These clamps are the “trick” to getting the headliner properly located and kept in place while you work.

16. We opted for QuietRide Solution’s headliner kit since we were so impressed with their body and chassis kits we installed on the same car previously. The QuietRide Solutions kit includes strips of Dynamat that are installed with a roller to reduce sheetmetal resonance before the insulation is installed. The insulation is pre-cut and includes spray glue and foil tape to completely seal the insulation to the roof skin.

17. Using a plastic spreader or trim tool carefully pull back the front windshield gasket at the top so that the headliner’s forward lip can be tucked behind the gasket.

18. Shown here is the front lip of the molded headliner in place behind the windshield gasket (save for the last few inches we still need to do). Repeat these steps for the rear window gasket and then carefully install the pinch-on windlace over the pinch welds on each side of the headliner, removing the clamps as you go.

19. Before you get the last foot or so of windlace on each end install the A-pillar trim covers and the rear quarter trim panels. Both of these parts simply tuck in behind their respective glass gaskets and are then retained by the rest of the pinch-on windlace. The A-pillar trim is shown here.

20. Using a small dental-type pick carefully find the screw holes for the sunvisors and the rear view mirror bracket and install these items to further retain the headliner. As noted earlier we opted for matching Uniseude visors at $84.99 for the set. The owner also picked up a new sunvisor bracket kit as well.

21. The finished installation goes extremely well with the rest of the TMI interior and matches the Uniseude inserts in the seats and door panels perfectly.