Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
March 12, 2014
Photos By: Kristian Grimsland

To some people image is everything. Most Mustang enthusiasts try to capture the best of both worlds when it comes to modifying—the goal is to maximize performance and cosmetics to suit your style and budget. When the '13 Mustang model hit the streets, people went crazy over the new factory blacked-out look complete with LED rear lighting. It was only a matter of time before that hot '13 style poured over to older S197 Mustangs.

To capture that look, Raxiom released its new GEN5 taillights for '05-'09 Mustangs, giving S197 owners that '13-style smoked look, complete with LED roping, or "halos."

Our car of choice for the Raxiom GEN5 taillight installation was this ’06 Mustang GT with custom paint and rollin’ on 20’s.

Not only are they a perfect fit, these lights plug right in with built-in sequential turn signals. Unlike the '13-style tails, these feature the reverse lights in all six segments, giving more light at night than those factory units. Believe it or not, the LEDs on the Raxiom GEN5 tails are also brighter than those red factory tails.

We were happy to get our hands on one of the first sets and couldn't wait to install them on our '06 Mustang GT. As you can see, it completely changed the rear look in a matter of minutes. At $369.99, we think it's a pretty sweet upgrade.

1A. Next, take off or lay the plastic taillight trim panel in the trunk. Removing this will expose the 11mm nuts that keep the taillights firm in place.

1B. Once you remove the nuts, the taillights come out easily.

2. Remove the electrical plug running power to the stock taillights.

3. Then take the stock taillights out completely.

4. Take this opportunity to remove any grime buildup that may be lodged between the lights and the body.

5. Place the electrical wiring from the taillight, and run the pigtail through the grommet and plug into the body harness. Then reinstall the nuts and trim panel.

6. The Raxiom GEN5 taillights are a perfect fit and replacement for those red stock lights.

7. Bam, the finished product!