Jim Smart
October 21, 2003

By now, most vintage Ford electrical systems have seen better days. As these old wizards of light, sound, and function approach the age of 40, their insulation has become old and brittle. Cuts and splices have taken a toll. Chafing and short circuits have, in some cases, left a smoldering pile of ashes. More and more creature comforts have placed an increasing strain on an old Ford's wiring. It's time for a new electrical system from Painless Wiring.

Painless Wiring has developed a Mustang/Falcon/Comet-specific wiring harness designed to thrust your vintage Ford ride into the 21st century. Not only does this wiring harness jibe with most of your Mustang's existing switches, lamps, and accessories, it also affords you power for just about anything you'd like to add. If you're interested in adding a powerful sound system, Painless can help. What about a climate control system? The Painless No. 20120 system is up to the job. Power windows? Bring it on.

We're going to visit JMC Motorsports in San Diego for our Painless Wiring system installation in a customer's '66 Mustang fastback. It is impossible for us to cover every detail here. However, we're going to cover the basics, looking over the shoulder of the very capable John Da Luz of JMC Motorsports.

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