Jim Smart
December 26, 2011

When Ford redesigned the Mustang for '94, the car gained weight and lost horsepower. However, the aftermarket jumped on board quickly with a few tricks designed to increase power to close the performance gap. BBK Performance introduced its 65, 70, and 75mm Power Plus throttle bodies for the 5.0L V-8 for a 7-12 horsepower gain and comparable amount of torque. And with the 75mm Flanged Bullet mass air meter from PRO-M, count on even more power to complement the BBK throttle body, available from Summit Racing Equipment.

Installation of both the BBK throttle body and PRO-M mass air meter won't take much more than a couple of hours. Some minor tuning may be needed at the throttle body setscrew to achieve proper idle speed setting, although that's what the idle air control valve is for. It is suggested you treat your Mustang to a good dyno tuning at a reputable dyno shop to determine performance needs such as higher flow fuel injectors, a broader fuel map, ignition timing tweaks, and ECM calibration.

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