Jim Smart
March 17, 2011

It's impossible to think about the Steeda name and not think of late-model Mustang performance. Steeda got its start with the 5.0 Fox-body Mustang movement more than 20 years ago. Looks like the Mustang-and Steeda-have come full circle back to 5.0-liter in a new 412hp, double overhead cam V-8 for 2011. There's also a whopping 390 ft-lb of driving torque to get you going.

Steeda believes enthusiasts can achieve even more power with increased airflow and custom flash tuning. Steeda's Ultimate Induction Pak (PN 555-3935 for manual transmission or 555-3936 for automatic) consists of the High Velocity Cold Air Intake and SCT X3 flash tuning kit. It can deliver 44 additional horsepower and 52 ft-lb more torque over those already impressive 412/390 factory numbers. Imagine being able to harness this much power in about one hour from your Mustang's hot Coyote V-8. To achieve these numbers, you've got to follow instructions and make use of both the High Velocity Cold Air Intake and the SCT X3 flash tune kit.

We looked to both Summit Racing Equipment and Marlon Mitchell at Fly-Ford Racing for direction on our factory-fresh '11 Mustang GT. Summit sent us the Steeda kit; Marlon delivered the installation expertise.

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