Jim Smart
January 12, 2011

When Ford was burning the midnight oil developing the all-new S197 generation of Mustangs for 2005, it was the first time that Ford intentionally developed a Mustang with the complete involvement of the aftermarket industry. Ford engineers and product planners worked hand-in-hand with aftermarket companies to develop an enthusiast-friendly Mustang. Based on five years of experience with these cars, we can testify they're the easiest late-model Mustang we've ever worked with.

Case in point is the S197's exhaust system. Prior to '05, exhaust system modifications involved a Sawzall, a pipe bender, and a welder. Beginning with the '05 model year, Mustang exhaust systems became bolt-on-from catalytic converters to tailpipe. Instead of tucking mufflers just ahead of the rear axle, Ford moved them behind the rear bumper with easy-to-service couplings and insulated hangers, which has made exhaust system modifications something you can do on your garage floor.

Dynomax Performance Exhaust offers Mustang enthusiasts a huge array of exhaust system options for classic and late-model Mustangs alike. The new Dynomax Ultra-Flo exhaust system for '05-'10 Mustangs is a cat-back system with subway-sized 2 1/2- and 3-inch diameter pipes. This performance exhaust will take your three-valve Modular V-8 and give it a muscular voice without making you deaf in the cabin. These stainless steel systems are available for all '05-'10 Mustangs, including GT, Shelby GT, Shelby GT500, and V-6 models. There are two ways to purchase these systems-cat-back or H-pipe back. We're going to install the H-pipe back system with 3-inch pipes and bullet mufflers on an '07 California Special.

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Dynomax Ultra Flo Exhaust Systems
#39414Dual 2 1/2-inch pipes, mufflers with 3 1/2-inch tip '05-'09 Mustang GT, Shelby GT, Shelby GT500
#39434Dual 2 1/2-inch pipes, mufflers with 3 1/2-inch tips '05-'09 Mustang 4.0L V-6
#39460Dual 3-inch pipes, bullet mufflers with 3 1/2-inch tip '05-'09 Shelby GT, Shelby GT500

New Ultra-Flo systems are available for '10 Mustang, with an '11 version coming soon. Go to www.dynomax.com for more detail.