Jim Smart
December 3, 2010

The Right Stuff
Few people know more about Ford carburetors than Jon Enyeart of Pony Carburetors. Jon's passion for fuel metering systems became his profession nearly three decades ago when he founded Pony Carburetors back in Western New York. These days, Pony Carburetors is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. If you're searching for the correct factory carburetor for your application, Pony Carburetors can help with outstanding restorations, rebuilds, parts, and cores.

To get started on the right hoof, begin your effort with Jon's 1955-1973 Ford Carburetor Guide, which is filled with detailed information that will enable you to identify the carburetor you need for your classic Mustang. Once you're armed with the correct information, get on the horn to Pony Carburetors and chat with a carburetor professional who can get you set up with the correct atomizer. You can also visit their website at www.ponycarburetors.com for more specific information.

What's This Thing Do?
Ever wonder about carburetor parts and what they do? There are no unimportant parts. Each is there for a specific purpose. Carburetors are fitted with certain components that work in unison with specific applications. For example, an anti-stall dashpot slows throttle closure should you come off the gas and brake suddenly in a Mustang equipped with automatic transmission. You won't see an anti-stall dashpot on a manual transmission car. Ever heard of a hot-idle compensator? Looking like a grasshopper, it creates a vacuum leak to raise idle speed when engine temperature gets out of hand.

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