Jim Smart
October 21, 2010
Photos By: Mark Jeffrey
Budget 347 Parts List
Summit Racing Equipment
5.0L Roller Block (4.030-inch overbore)
ARP Oil Pump DrivePN ARP-154-7904
ARP Head BoltsPN ARP-154-3601
ARP Cam Bolt KitPN ARP-154-1001
ARP Crank BoltPN ARP-150-2501
ARP Stainless Engine Bolt KitPN ARP-554-9603
Fel-Pro Gasket SetPN FPP-2804
Fel-Pro HP Intake Gasket SetPN FPP-1262-R
Melling High Volume Oil PumpPN MEL-M68HV
Ford Racing Steel Distributor GearPN FMS-M-12390-F
Fram Oil FilterPN FRM-HP-1
Total Seal Gapless Piston RingsPN TSR-M100135
Speed Pro Rod BearingsPN FEM-8-7160
Speed Pro Main BearingsPN FEM-129M
Mark installs the Parker single-plane high-rise manifold. "Note the clover shape plenum and the shape and length of the runners," Mark observes. "Normally, the center runners can be considerably shorter than the outer runners on single-plane manifolds. However, by making the center runners longer on the Parker, we put the plenum an equal distance from each intake port, which improves air/fuel distribution." Mark adds that this eliminates air/fuel turbulence at the plenum floor.
Trans Am Racing
347ci Stroker Kit (Nodular Iron Crank, H-Beam Rods, Forged Pistons)
Street Oil Pan: 7-Quart with PickupPN 9619-7P
Street Demon Valve CoversPN 8505ST
Custom Bent Stainless Steel Fuel LineN/A
Super Street Main Stud GirdlePN 2965SSK
Stainless Steel Intake ValvesPN 1208+ .100-inch
Stainless Steel Exhaust ValvesPN 9373
Custom Billet Coil BracketPN 1165-B
Performer Air Gap Intake ManifoldPN 7521
Fuel PumpPN 1725
Victor Jr. 70cc HeadsPN 1725
Aluminum Water PumpPN 8841
Head Bolt BushingsPN 9680
California Pony Cars
Timing CoverPN ENG-000-409
Flexplate for AODPN TRA-650-710
830-cfm 4150 CarburetorPN 0-9381
Here, we use the Parker manifold and give it more valve lift with 1.7:1 Comp Cams Magnum roller rockers on intake valves only. We gained 7.3 hp and lost roughly 1 lb-ft of torque. This demonstrates that the Parker single-plane, high-rise manifold sacrifices very little torque. The down side is hood clearance.
Billet Distributor w/Vacuum Advance PN 8749
Blaster Coil PN 8202
8mm Ignition Wire Set PN 31183
Dash 6 B-Nuts PN EAR-581806
Dash 6 Sleeves PN EAR-581906
90-Degree Dash 6 to 1/4 inch PN EAR-982266
3/8-inch Stainless Steel Hard Line PN EAR-100034 by the foot
Dash 6 T-fitting PN EAR-982406