Jim Smart
September 1, 2009

When word came across our desk that Gary Schweitzer was going to restore 5F08T383386, one of the convertibles used for the Magic Skyway at the Ford Pavilion during the '65 New York World's Fair, we were eager to be involved. The resurrection of Gary's six has become a team effort involving National Parts Depot, JGM Performance Engineering, Federal Mogul's Speed Pro division, Pony Carburetors, Scott Drake Reproductions, Mustangs Etc, and The Eastwood Company. Everyone involved was eager to take part in a groovy slice of Mustang history.

To get his six-cylinder rebuilt, Gary needed to get it from west Michigan to JGM Performance Engineering in Southern California. Scott Halseth at the Michigan National Parts Depot store offered to place the engine, transmission, and rear end on one of their trucks for the journey. Our thanks to NPD for helping with the transport. NPD also supplied most of the engine components, including rebuild parts from Federal Mogul Speed-Pro and Fel-Pro.

When we arrived at JGM, we didn't know what to expect from an engine that hadn't run in 30 years. Even though it only had 35,000 miles on it, we weren't sure how it was treated when it ran prior to 1978 and we didn't know how it had been affected by three decades of storage. In this segment, we're going to tear down Gary's six and determine needs, plus perform cylinder head work to get it into the 21st century. Next month, we're going to assemble Gary's engine using JGM's best assembly technique.

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