Jim Smart
August 1, 2009

PerTronix continues to bring us terrific ideas that are useful for our vintage Mustangs. Over a decade ago, PerTronix introduced its drop-in Ignitor electronic ignition retrofit for classic Autolite and Motorcraft distributors that effectively eliminated the unreliable point-triggered ignition. The Ignitor offers fierce reliability coupled with ease of installation and service. It remains one of the most innovative aftermarket retrofits ever offered, plus it keeps vintage Mustangs looking original.

When PerTronix came out with its Flamethrower billet distributor, we found it was an easy-to-install ignition package that you can drop into your small-block Ford in about one hour. The PerTronix Flamethrower billet distributor offers outstanding appearance and performance because it was designed from the inside out. Inside, you will find a solid shaft with ball bearing support. All this billet distributor requires is occasional rotor and cap replacement along with checking the module air gap. The cap and rotor are GM designs easily found at any auto parts store.

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