Jim Smart
May 1, 2009

Last month, we took you through the teardown and inspection of a '66 289ci engine that had never been apart, other than a timing set replacement some time in its 43-year/189,000-mile history. This month, Marvin McAfee of MCE Engines is going to take us through the engine's methodical blueprinting and build-up - with a pinch more stroke and displacement.

As a loyal Mustang Monthly reader, you know our history includes dozens of step-by-step engine builds. This is why we're approaching this one with a fresh eye - more a recipe than a step-by-step with important pointers you will want to share with your engine builder.

Marvin invites you to think about your engine build with sound economic sense along with detailed execution for best results. Summing it up - spend your money wisely but do not cut corners in the interest of saving a few bucks. If you want more power for the least amount of money, invest in a quality stroker kit and place your trust in an exceptional engine builder. Marvin tells us there are plenty of engine "assemblers" out there, but not enough engine architects who hand-craft engines with both power and reliability in mind. He will tell you it doesn't come cheap nor is it easy because there are so many different approaches.

He also comments that if you put 50 engine builders in a room, you will get 50 different opinions on how to build an engine. Marvin trusts his detailed approach based on 50 years of engine building experience. So here's the straight skinny from MCE Engines. If you're rebuilding, go for the most power possible from your 289 or 302 block.