Jim Smart
December 1, 2008

Flowmaster pioneered the art of exhaust acoustics. We've all experienced that Flowmaster phenomenon at one time or another, hearing the throaty "warble" of virtually any V-8 through dual mufflers and instantly recognizing them as Flowmasters. The "Flowmaster sound" is the epitome of American muscle car power.

Flowmaster's legacy goes back to 1983, when Sprint Car racers in California were faced with tough noise legislation. Flowmaster founder Ray Flugger developed a muffler that would quiet racing engines without compromising performance. At first, Ray's exhaust silencers were downright ugly. He even welded handles to them to make them easier to carry during testing. They became known as "suitcase mufflers," but their design was ultimately patented, the result of years of testing in very modest beginnings.

Those first Flowmaster mufflers came from a small barn in Northern California. Today, the company produces mufflers and exhaust systems from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. In fact, Flowmaster operates the only research and design facility of its kind, using a SuperFlow SF-7100 engine dynamometer for testing. Ray Flugger remains active in the company, keeping a close eye on the legacy he created nearly three decades ago.

Flowmaster offers several choices for the Mustang's 45 years of production. That means there's a Flowmaster muffler designed specifically for your Mustang. Which type should you choose and why?

First, you need to choose either an entire exhaust system or a pair of Flowmaster mufflers that will fit your Mustang's existing pipes. Flowmaster does entire exhaust systems for all Mustangs except the '74-'78 Mustang II. This means complete systems for '65-'73 classics, '79-'04 Fox-bodies, and '05-'09 cars.

There are two basic Flowmaster American Muscle exhaust systems available with 2 ¼- or 2 ½-inch pipes for classic Mustangs. Two important points: They will not fit convertibles, nor are they compatible for the '65-'66 GT valance panel with trumpet tips. They employ late-model-style exhaust hangers. If originality doesn't matter, they offer an improvement over original equipment because they isolate noise and vibration better. If you must have original pipes and hangers, go with one of Virginia Classic Mustang's factory original-style exhaust systems and fit it with a pair of Flowmaster mufflers. We're going to show you both ways.