Miles Cook
December 1, 2008
After buying the car in 2006, Brian installed a JLT cold-air kit and a MagnaFlow after-cat exhaust system. Later that year, he took the car to Swanson Performance for testing and the installation of additional pieces. The baseline on Swanson's DynoJet chassis dyno looked pretty good at 8 psi of boost: 394 rwhp, and 373 lb-ft of torque.

For those interested in seriously fast factory supercharged Mustangs, the '03-'04 Cobra and the current Shelby GT500/GT500KR are the only game in town. But the '07-'09 GT500s are pretty pricey these days, and you can forget about getting an '08 or '09 KR for sticker price any time soon.

That leaves the '03 and '04 SVT Cobras as the next best thing. In the final analysis, they've proven to be more than just next best, especially when you factor in price.

None of this was lost on Brian Anton, the owner of the super-clean '03 Cobra featured here. Back when Ford dealers were first accepting orders for '07 GT500s, Brian placed an order with a San Diego dealership. When he heard there were more than 100 orders for the three cars allotted to the dealership, he saw the writing on the wall.

For half the price of a GT500, Brian instead went with a Terminator Cobra. With only 3,000 miles, it was essentially a new car. Today, the bargain factor is even higher with '03-'04 Terminators going for well under $25,000 in many instances.

With the purchase process complete, the next year or two saw Brian looking forward to what's proved to be a thoroughly achievable objective. His goal was 600 hp at the rear wheels, and we've chronicled the progression here. Has the car done it? Not quite, but the results are still mighty impressive. The car is only one or two minor mods away from the magic 600 mark.

Getting It To The Wheels
When you're making well over 600 hp at the flywheel, or nearly 570 rwhp as this car is doing, some drivetrain updates also need to be part of the picture. Brian's '03 Terminator has the good stuff, including a Liberty Gear 26-spline input shaft for the T56 six-speed, a Fidanza aluminum flywheel, a 26-spline Centerforce DFX clutch and pressure plate, a heavy-duty throwout bearing, a heavy-duty roller pilot bearing, and an MGW shifter.