Jim Smart
November 1, 2008

When we did our six to V-8 conversion a couple of years ago, we had a rough time getting our Trans Am Racing 289 onto the engine mounts. When we bolted stock mounts to the engine block, they would not fit the chassis. We tried several sets of engine mounts, thinking we had defective or mis-drilled mounts, with the same result. When we measured framerails, we learned that there was accident damage to the driver side, which kept our engine mounts from seating properly. We used a Port-A-Power and a lot of colorful language to get the stock mounts to bolt up.

Had we opted for adjustable engine mounts from Ron Morris Performance, available for $225 from Mustangs Plus, we wouldn't have needed the Port-A-Power, just simple handtools.

These fully adjustable, good-looking engine mounts are four-piece units you can install during your next engine installation. Or, if you're replacing mounts, these adjustable units can be swapped in an afternoon.

What Tools Will I Need?
* 3/8-drive socket set
* 3/8-drive SAE deep-well sockets
* Floor or bottle jack with 2x4 wood block
* SAE combination wrench set
* Needle nose/duck bill pliers
* Hammer

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