Jim Smart
July 1, 2007

We've known Brant Halterman of Virginia Classic Mustang (VCM) for more than 20 years. I met him in 1986 at the Mustang Club of America Grand National at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where I photo-graphed his '65 Poppy Red 289 High Performance convertible. It was hard not to notice the impeccable craftsmanship demonstrated by Brant and his father, and for two decades, we've looked to VCM for spot-on products and seasoned technical support.

Case in point is this Turbo 2 1/4-inch dual exhaust system. When we called Brant to ask him about a bolt-on exhaust system for a '67 Mustang with 289 Hi-Po exhaust manifolds, we knew he would have the answer. The '67 was equipped with a dual exhaust system from a local muffler shop. Despite being custom-fabricated, the tailpipes interfered with the rear axle, the entire system resonated at idle, and there was a leak at one of the manifolds caused by an improperly flared pipe.

We like the original look of Virginia Classic Mustang's 2 1/4-inch Turbo exhaust system. The galvanized, aluminized, and mandrel-bent setup is designed for easy bolt on in your garage or at a local muffler shop.

Brant suggested VCM's 2 1/4-inch Turbo dual exhaust system. What we liked most about the system was its mandrel-bent pipes, galvanized mufflers, and corrosion-resistant hardware. That's why Brant uses the supplier that makes these exhaust systems-he's a classic-Mustang enthusiast and restorer, and he's picky about quality and fit. That's what we needed for this system.

Another cool thing about exhaust systems from VCM is flexibility. You can use the company's own Turbo mufflers or someone else's, such as Flowmaster.

Complete exhaust systems from VCM retail for approximately $350 to $400 and are worth every penny. A custom exhaust system at a local shop will cost you upwards of $400-$600, but the product doesn't always match the price. Rarely will those other systems have mandrel-bending and the correct classic-Mustang hardware. Most of the time, they have generic components and a poor fit. With a complete system from Virginia Classic Mustang, however, there will be an original-equipment look and fit.