Jim Smart
October 1, 2006
Photos By: Laurie Slawson

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0610_mump_01z Classic_ford_mustang Aluminum_radiator_engine0610_mump_02z Classic_ford_mustang Aluminum_radiator
This is the 24-inch Griffin aluminum radiator for '67-'70 Mustangs with FE big-block power.The radiator provides unequalled capacity, pulling more heat out of your engine than a stock 2-3-row copper/brass radiator. You still need a fan shroud for proper cooling with the fan positioned so half of it shows.
0610_mump_03z Classic_ford_mustang Aluminum_radiator_close0610_mump_04z Classic_ford_mustang Aluminum_radiator_drain
Griffin delivers all the things you expect and need from a Mustang radiator, including an automatic-transmission cooler and drain petcock. All you have to do is transfer automatic-transmission-cooler line fittings.

Classic Mustangs have always struggled with cooling issues, especially big-block cars, due to small engine compartments and limited flow through the grille coupled with under-capacity and vertical-flow radiators. It wasn't until the late '70s that Ford began to address Mustang cooling-system woes with good cross-flow radiators and greater capacity. Those with '79-'04 Mustangs have rarely been concerned with overheating because Ford did a pretty good job in those years.

The automotive aftermarket has taken care of classic Mustang enthusiasts with better radiators, high-flow water pumps, improved engine-driven and electric cooling fans, and water-wetter chemical treatments to virtually eliminate overheating problems. Griffin is undoubtedly front and center with high-quality aluminum radiators available from Mustangs Plus.

Choosing the right radiator depends on how you intend to drive the car and how much power you have under the hood. High-horsepower strokers, for example, need heavy-duty cooling capacity to carry away all that heat. Even stockers need four-row core desert-cooler radiators, which offer ample cooling capacity for just about any Mustang application.

We're installing a Griffin aluminum radiator in a '69 Mustang GT convertible with a 390 High Performance V-8. The car is in Tucson, Arizona, a place legendary for its searing heat and summertime monsoons that bring unbearable humidity. It's not uncommon for the mercury to reach 120 degrees F with a blazing sun unmatched anywhere short of the Middle East.