Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 10, 2006
Photos By: Patrick Hill

While developing a two-barrel carburetor for the oval-track racing market, the engineers at Barry Grant's Demon Carburetion realized that stacking three of the carbs together on a single induction package would recreate the nostalgic appeal of the old tri-power setup. So with the popularity of restomodding in mind, three of Grant's companies-Demon Carburetion, Triple-D Induction, and Rush Performance Filters-have collaborated to design the new Six-Shooter tri-power carburetion for 289/302 small-block Fords.

Featuring a trio of 250-cfm carburetors, the Six-Shooter induction mounts the carbs backwards, just like Ford's original tri-power units, to avoid distributor clearance issues, although a distributor with a small cap is still required. The center carb does all the work during normal driving, including cold starts, with its electric choke. It also provides ports for constant vacuum (for the modulation valve on automatic transmissions) and ported vacuum (for distributor vacuum advance).

The outer carbs get their direct orders from a progressive throttle linkage, which comes with the Six-Shooter package. Surprisingly easy to set up and adjust, the linkage includes a special right-side crossover mechanism to adapt to the backwards arrangement. Linkage from the pedal must be fabricated, although Lokar Performance Products should have a linkage available by the end of the year. Likewise, Lokar is developing a Ford kick-down linkage for automatic transmissions.

Production of the Six-Shooter for small-block Fords, PN 7530, was slated to begin in March. The projected cost is approximately $2,500.