Jim Smart
April 25, 2006

A Word or Two About Lighting
Automotive lighting has come a long way since 1965. Today's lighting technology places greater demands on an old Mustang's electrical system. Halogen and xenon headlamps require greater amounts of power, which places quite a load on headlight switches. This means shorter service life and the need for as much alternator as you can muster. The most alternator you can expect with externally-regulated systems is 65 amps. Go to a single-wire alternator and you can count on upwards of 150 amps.

Halogen taillight bulbs are much brighter, which is a great safety feature. However, Halogen lamps run much hotter, which mandates special taillight lenses and venting of your taillight dishes. LED taillights run cool as long as you opt for ones that are visible from a distance.