Jim Smart
April 25, 2006

Fan Speed Control: A Lesson in Resistance
There are a lot of misconceptions about how heater-fan controls work. There is but one truth. Heater-fan switches are not variable resisters. Resistance is the same in both (two-speed) or all three (three-speed) positions. Resistance comes from a resistor package installed in the heater plenum. The resister package consists of two lengths of resistor wire, which control resistance not to the fan motor but to ground. When the fan switch is in Low, resistance to ground is high, which impedes the flow of electricity to ground. This lowers fan speed. Move the switch to Medium and resistance to ground becomes less, raising fan speed. Move the fan switch to High and bypass the resistance wires completely, going directly to ground. The fan then runs at full speed.

LED Sequential Turn Signals
By now, most of you have seen Mustang Project's groovy LED taillights and parking lights for classic Mustangs. These easy-to-install lighting upgrades command more attention because they're brighter. What's more, they never burn out. Also, because they incorporate solid, reliable electronics, they will last virtually forever. Opt for the sequencing LEDs in back and LED bulbs in front. For more information, contact www.mustangproject.com.

No Unimportant Grounds
Grounding terminals exist throughout your Mustang's electrical system. All of them are important to proper electrical-system function. For best results, always ensure each of them is tied to the body/chassis as shown. Too many of us overlook the engine-to-firewall ground lead. Don't forget this one. If you do, expect all kinds of ignition and charging system woes.

Don't Cut That Wire!
We have seen all kinds of wiring molestation through the years, none of it pretty or necessary. Do you know how many sources for power there are in a classic Mustang? At least four that we can think of, which means you need never cut a wire to get power. There are also two triplex plugs for accessories and instrument lighting. All you need are bullet connectors to get power.