Jim Smart
April 27, 2006

Single-Wire And High-Torque
If originality isn't important, consider two affordable upgrades designed to save time, money, and frustration. The single-wire alternator has a built-in voltage regulator, increased reliability, and delivers more power. There are several choices when it comes to single-wire alternators. Opt for a polished Tuff-Stuff Delco 100-amp alternator from Mustangs Plus if you'd like to dress to the nines. If you prefer something more conservative, PA-Performance has a 100-amp Nippendenso alternator, which is used in most late-model Fords. These high-output alternators eliminate the external voltage regulator and all of the woes that go along with them.

If you must have the vintage sound of an old Autolite or Motorcraft starter, we suggest a rebuilt unit from Mustangs Etc. or AMK Products. However, if reliability is more important than sound, consider a high-torque-reduction gear starter from PA-Performance. A high-torque starter offers robust twist for even the most temperamental engines and will outlast your old Autolite.

Dressed For Success And Reliability
In the restomod world, enthusiasts embrace personalization. While we endorse it at Mustang Monthly, we also suggest tempering it with a conservative approach. Keep it tasteful with a minimum of chrome and polished doo-dads. No matter how much of a show-off you are, too much chrome can look tacky.

We played around a little with our 289, bolting stuff on to see how it looked, tossing it aside if it didn't fit our decor. As a result, we're using less chrome and more cast-aluminum and color. We opted for a PA-Performance Nippendenso alternator along with an Edelbrock high-flow water pump in rough cast-aluminum. This tones it down while giving us reliability and good looks.