Jim Smart
April 27, 2006

In the past two issues of Mustang Monthly, we've shown how to swap V-8 power into a vintage six-cylinder Mustang. In the Feb. issue, we began by building a dependable 280-horse 289 small-block from Trans Am Racing. Last month, we prepared the chassis for V-8 power with new Grab-A-Track suspension components and Stainless Steel front disc brakes from Mustangs Plus.

This month, we're wrapping up our six-to-eight swap with the heart of the matter: the drivetrain, which includes the 289, a Tremec T5 five-speed transmission, and an 8-inch, 3.55:1 limited-slip rearend from Randy's Ring & Pinion. The result is a classic Mustang that's fun to drive every day.

Converting a six-cylinder Mustang to a V-8 should never be thought of as only an engine swap. You have to think of it as a complete package that's going to be safe and reliable with upgraded chassis components, better brakes, and a driveline that can withstand the increase in power. With our Grab-A-Track suspension and Stainless Steel front disc brakes installed in Carolyn Chenore's '67 T-code hardtop, we're going to remove the worn-out 200ci six, 3.03 three-speed manual transmission, and 731/44-inch integral carrier rear axle in order to make way for the more powerful V-8 driveline.