Jim Smart
October 1, 2007

Because of its high-tech demeanor, we couldn't imagine doing this car any other way than with four-wheel disc brakes. Turbocharged, electronic fuel-injected technology deserves corresponding stopping power underneath. In front are 12-inch Baer Claws followed by 11-inch binders in back. Baer brakes install in a matter of a couple of hours once all of the old parts are removed. We could've gone with larger Baer brakes had Winterboer chosen something larger than a 15-inch wheel. We understand his mindset, however-a retro '60s look on the surface, with period-correct Torq-Thrust D wheels.

Baer has provided us with everything needed to get our brakes installed, including steel lines and parking-brake cables. It doesn't get any easier than this. Take a look at the view through those American Torq-Thrust spokes.

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