Jim Smart
March 1, 2007
Photos By: Benton Jackson

Formula For Big-Inch Success (Cont'd)

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Race Attitude - Street Demeanor

When Blair brought his 427W to MCE Engines, he learned quickly he made the same mistake as a lot of us: He didn't properly plan his engine project, and he ordered parts that don't always work well together.

Blair wanted the awesome look of Weber carburetors, but he didn't consider the sacrifices that must be made to have them. He opted for a radical high-rpm roller camshaft without considering what he would be giving up on the street. Blair chose the Edelbrock Victor cylinder head, which is an excellent head for high-displacement 351 Windsor strokers. Even at low rpm, the Victor works well when you're huffing lots of displacement. Victors were a good choice.

Marvin scolded Blair for his part selection, pointing out that too many of us package big-inch small-blocks like they're still small-blocks. Martin stressed that when you stroke a 351ci small-block to 427 ci, you no longer have a small-block, displacement-wise. You have a big-block, with much greater displacement and power than you had at 351 ci. That means you must feed the hungry small-block like a big-block with larger fuel lines, bigger ports and runners, a larger carburetor or throttle body, and so on. You also need to have a driveline that will stand up to the horsepower and torque a big-block makes. When you increase displacement, you must raise the bar in every way.